From Noah to Moses to David, from cover to cover, the story of the Bible is about more than the character on the page. It’s about God and His plan for...View Details

If you were to ask someone right now, “Are you a good person?” what response would you expect to hear? For the vast majority of people in America, we ...View Details

Imagine someone offers to pray for you, what would be the first thing you’d request prayer for? Many  times, the focus of our prayers is on our physic...View Details

How do you know that God loves you? And what is the proof that His love is alive in you? In this week’s message, Pastor Francis Chan reminds us that t...View Details

If you watch the news and consider the current state of the world, it’s obvious that we are in desperate need of the Spirit of God. But what is it tha...View Details

The Beginning of Wisdom

In this week’s episode, Pastor Francis Chan poses a sobering question to all Christians. Do you believe the truth of Scripture above your own thoughts...View Details

When we read scripture, there is a clear difference between when man is speaking and when God is speaking. Hebrews 4:12 describes the Word of God as l...View Details

When you think of God, what comes to mind? Does it align with how the Bible describes God? AW Tozer said, “The most important thing about you is what ...View Details

Last week we started a two-part sermon series from our friend in the ministry, Andy Byrd of YWAM Kona. In this week’s episode, Andy continues his mess...View Details

During the last few weeks, Crazy Love was honored to welcome Andy Byrd of YWAM Kona. In this week’s episode Andy discusses the current state of evange...View Details

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