Last week we started a two-part sermon series from our friend in the ministry, Andy Byrd of YWAM Kona. In this week’s episode, Andy continues his mess...View Details

During the last few weeks, Crazy Love was honored to welcome Andy Byrd of YWAM Kona. In this week’s episode Andy discusses the current state of evange...View Details

As many of you know, near the beginning of 2020, Pastor Francis Chan and his family followed God's lead and moved to Asia to work with the local churc...View Details

When you woke up this morning, did you come to God with an expectation for Him to move in power today? In this week’s episode, Pastor Francis Chan sha...View Details

When you think about “church”, how do you imagine it looking like? What do you actually believe about “church” and the body of Christ? Have you ever t...View Details

There is a deep intimacy that takes place when we come together, in unity, at the Lord's table. God's desire is to commune with His Body, not just a c...View Details

For many Christians, the sacredness, holiness, and presence of God is thought to be more intense in the Old Testament compared to how one might assume...View Details

For the early church, communion was the main reason to gather. Pastor Francis Chan speaks on the importance and the power that takes place when we par...View Details

Rethinking Church

Francis Chan shares at the Rethinking Church | Rethinking Mission conference at McLean Bible Church on Oct. 12, 2018. In one of his most powerful ser...View Details

We Are Church - Church Together, January 3, 2016 by Francis Chan

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